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Zuckerberg's Threads: New age Twitter or a user data collecting platform?

1. What is it? Instagram Threads is an app by Meta which is being seen as a competitor to Twitter, Elon Musk owned Micro blogging website. Mark Zukerberg, Meta and Elon Musk, Twitter are set for a Cage Fight but that isn’t stopping them from having a Virtual Spar for better Micro Blogging Application. Unlike Instagram which focuses on Visual content, Threads will be focusing on conversation-based content. 2. Privacy Issues Meta is not new to having major privacy concerns with their applications. Hence no doubt Privacy and Security experts are quite sceptical about this new application.

Image showing the data's that needs to be given before a user can access Thread.

The amount of data being collected by the application is a concern and more importantly the sensitivity of the data is a bigger concern. An even bigger problem being once u have signed up for Threads there is no way to delete your Threads account alone, if you want to you will have to delete your Instagram account as well.

As per Vice Media, deactivating a Threads account means that no users will be able to see your content, but your data will still live in the app’s servers unless the account is deleted, along with the linked Instagram. 3. Expert Opinion

Rob D'Ovidio a cybercrime expert has warned users to be on the lookout for privacy issues with the application. The European Union is known for having strict data protections laws and hence have kept the launch of this application on hold.

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