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Why is Forward Media Group Introducing Ads?

Since its inception, Forward Media Group has served as one of the widely accepted platform of spreading authentic, well researched and informative articles among the masses. Successfully publishing 11 editions of its quarterly Webzine with a download count of 20,000+* and 10,00,000+* impressions on social media, Forward Media Group has proved to be one of its kind. But its backbone completely rests on a small group of students who have not even started their career. Hence the capital required to conduct various journalistic and developmental advancements up-to the satisfaction of our currently 1000+* active subscribers & others is becoming an issue in the recent days. To cope up with this problem we are introducing our ads section to provide us a monetary backbone.

Forward Media Group has always been and will always remain a company with humanitarian goals. During the pandemic when everyone was in their homes, our employees have spent innumerous sleepless nights in order to make arrangements of oxygen, ambulance, etc for the affected people. Besides organizing regular Blood Donation Camps, we have proved ourselves by successfully opening schools for the primary education of the village children. Our dream to Rebuild India in Netaji's Way is being fulfilled step by step with our each and every achievement. But the thorns in our path is again our monetary backbone. We have a long way to travel and there's no question of accepting defeat. Our ads section will provide us a permanent resources of the minimum capital required to achieve our humanitarian goals.

The recent years has seen a vast increase in the number of entrepreneurs in our society at a large. The crazy life of an entrepreneur starting his/her own startup company, looking for customers, trying to nail down his/her own culture in this globe is exceeding overwhelming. The ads section of Forward Media Group will provide them a good platform to advertise their company. Needless to say our social media impressions, it will benefit them at a large scale. We care of the dreams each and every Youth of the Nation see before setting up their own company. When we, the Youths, with our company will help some other Youths who are planning to start their own company, the nation will see something which it has never seen before - a new history which deserves to be written in letters of gold.

To sum it all up, there will always be a version of Forward Webzine which is free. We would run ads in accordance with Google and other ad service providers available. We hope that this new endeavor will be accepted by all and will start a new era for independent, courageous and easily accessible content for everyone.

For the ones who are interested to advertise on our brands, please refer to our portfolio on Let's connect your business to the Digital Era. Place Your Advertisement On Forward Media Group's Brands. Forward Media Group is a registered entity under the MSME Act, 2006 by the Govt. Of India.

- Team Forward Media Group

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