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Tribute To Deshnetri Leela Roy

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Deshnetri. A leader, who led the long and strong movement of independence, when many people were motivated, yet not prepared to take the lead.

She was the leader, who was jailed, and still did not loose patience. She improved the morale of each and every fellow fighters and activists.

As an activist in the salt satyagraha, Lila formed 'Dhaka Mahila Satyagraha Committee'. After the arrest of Anil Ray, the chief of Shrisangha, the responsibility of running the organisation fell on Lila Nag. She was arrested on 20 December 1931 and sent to jail as a detainee.

In 1939, Lila Nag married her compatriot Anil Ray. The couple joined Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose to form the forward bloc. In July 1940 Lila Nag and Anil Ray were accused of defacing the Halwell Monument in Calcutta and again sentenced to jail. After her release, she had to accept the responsibility of the editorship of Forward Block, a weekly mouthpiece of Netaji's party. Lila was taken into custody in 1940 and was confined up to 1946. Afterwards she moved to West Bengal, where she was involved in Indian national politics and was elected a member of the Indian Constituent Assembly from Bengal in 1946.

Other than the mainstream knowledge of her participating in Dipali Sangha and saving the Noakhali victims, she actively published revolutionary literature via Jayashree Prakashan, now managed by her nephew Bijoy Nag.

Amidst these tough times, amidst these trying times, we could learn her calm mindset and perseverance, and give her the due remembrance on this day.

Team Forward pays their respects to this incessantly strong lady.

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