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The Spirit of 23rd (Forward Edition 12)

23rd of January marks the Birth Anniversary of the unsung warrior born of Indian blood, who was ready to shed blood for the freedom of his motherland. None can live upto his indomitable spirit and determination, the real figure behind Indian Independence, our true ‘neta’ (leader), Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

This year, on Netaji Diwas, Kandari – Society For Revolutionary Youths, in association with Forward Media Group and Jayashree Prakashan, sealed the whole day with many social activities.

To begin with, Kandari organised Annaseva (Food Distribution) for the poor and needy people in Dakshineshwar area. Annaseva was also carried out in front of Vivekananda’s ancestral home and Bethune College. More than anything it is an inspiring sight to see the youth driven towards such a social cause.

The evening was fabricated with an event organized in collaboration with Ramkrishna Mission at Ramkrishna Mancha in Vivekananda’s Ancestral Home (Maniktala). The event commenced at 6PM with the inexplicable violin gig of respected violinist and sculptor Sri Swapan Sett. Sri Bijoy Kr. Nag, editor-in-chief, Jayashree Prakashan, addressed the audience with his introductory speech; followed by eminent professor Nandalal Chakraborty enlightening us about Netaji’s vision. Dr. Ramprasad Bandopadhyay elaborated on the inevitable topic: Influence of Netaji among Indian youth. Lastly, Dr. Madhusudan Pal held the attention of the crowd with a gripping oration on “Sannyasi Deshonayok”. He came up with documents from credible sources which explains and clears up many misunderstandings and wrong facts known about the man, Netaji. The day came to a musical closure with tabla player Joydip Sinha and his associate on the tunes of Rabindra Sangeet and inspiratory notes.

The words spoken by the respected people in the event will be instilled in our minds. They inculcated Netaji in such depth that it was literally enthralling. All in all, it was a worthy day spent in the remembrance of the greatest of all leaders, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose.

Download PDF of this article as published in Forward Webzine Edition 12 :

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