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The Hymn of Freedom #PoetryMonday_08

As pain builds up,

Trapping agony in,

I stand here alone, a bleeding heart within!!

U, human or humanoid whatsoever;

I shall be vocal against your power!

“Here I stand against thy law

Grounding thy pride within thy flaw!

Once stood high, above mine cry

Now shall bow to my will so high.

Not a ruler, not at all

Here I come, tis my call!

My pride, my joy behind thy bars,

Will breakthrough all bearing the scars.

Of torment, of pain, of affection thy gave,

U wicked, U iniquitous, U nefarious knave.

Tis time, you fell for the baits;

Here I come with the quintessence of all traits.

There thy shake and there thy fall;

Now shall I rise above all.

The hymn of freedom, as I sing;

Seize what I deserve;

‘I’, all-mighty KING!”

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