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The Behind #PoetryMonday_02

A long time ago,

I buried it deep within the heart of the sky.

I shot myself and, left.

The bird of doom,

comes and goes.

They all are gone,

like serpents of the end of nights.

I am standing on the grave of my father,

who raised me as bait.

The shadow of the woman has become darker,

I was lying on the broken bed of bones,

where she left me

at the mercy of the ghosts of grooms.

The ravens prick my soul,

when I wish a fly.

It visits me lately.

My curls shiver with its footsteps.

I cannot sleep nowadays,

but I dream to live.

I poisoned myself,

with righteousness.

Mercy is in my veins now,

where it was only red malignance.

I wake up,

and stare through the window,

I see it coming,

riding the chariot of filth.

Perhaps I’m scared,

but I want to live undaunted.

The darkness of my room,

warns me a life of an angel.

I do not wish to past angels,

as I was born when an Angel

begged her last breath.

The sinking ship,

rots my mind.

The cry of babies,

bleeds my heart.

The happiness of a shoemaker,

brings me grief.

The sadness of a mountain boy,

lends me the warmth of joy.

The answers are vivid,

but the questions bring paleness.

The vermins crawl under my skin,

the pain is somewhat sharp.

The nights are worse,

when infected in open wounds.

I did things,

what I had to do.

I have confessed,

at the door of all-sob despair.

I have done sins,

my hands are still stained.

The wet red stain,

old weary scars,

now visible.

I want to wash my hands,

but it resists me.

The river denies.

The sea denies.

The gatekeeper tells,

‘When the time comes’.

But I want to go,

I want to give it all away.

I am a mortal being.

I have my limitations.

I would like to leave.

But it won’t let me pass.

I know,

what is holding me down.

I want my death to be served in silence,

but silence has sound too.

It has trapped me,

inside a glass box.

Where I cannot breathe,

but It kept me alive.

It cracks,

but doesn’t break.

I have caused miseries.

Hey, old friend,

take me with you.

I want a long walk,

a walk of forgiveness.

It is out there.

Walking behind me,

as a curse.

I didn’t ask for it.

But it will follow me till my end.

And it shall dissolve by the flames,

when I will walk into the inferno of redemption.

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