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Swami Vivekananda – The Leader of the Youths

Swamiji's message in brief was - "Be and Make". All He wanted was to reach his words to the youth all over the world, inspiring them to lead a purposeful life of thought, action, devotion, dedication. Hardly any problem affecting our motherland has escaped His notice. Being a patriot of high order, he lived & worked for the regeneration of India on National lines in tune with Her time-old tradition.

Maya and Illusion

(Swamiji's speech - London 1896)

The word 'Maya' is not unknown to us. It is generally used, though incorrectly, to denote delusion. But this theory forms one of the pillars upon which Vedanta rests. It should be properly understood. Swamiji felt that what we wanted was a formulation of faith which could hold its adherents fearless of truth. "The salvation of Europe depends on a rationalistic religion", He explained, "The materialize is right! There is but one Only he calls that one mayger & I call it God!"

He describes the growth of the religious idea. At first, he says, "God is outside nature & far beyond it, attracting all of us towards it. This has to be brought near, yet without being degraded or degenerated, until it closer and closer. The God in heaven becomes the God in name till the God in nature becomes the God who is Nature & the God who is Nature becomes the God within this temple of the body & the God dwelling in temple of a body becomes the temple itself." Maya is everywhere. It is terrible, yet we have to work through it. The man who says, he will work when the world becomes all good & then will enjoy bliss is as likely to succeed as the man who sits beside the Ganga & says "I will ford the river when all the water has run into the ocean." There is another fact to learn. We are not born as helpers of Nature but competitors of Nature. The whole history of humanity is continuous fight against the so-called lanes of Nature & man gains in the end.

Write-up by: Aniruddha Mallick

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