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Students take on the Rampurhat Incident (March 2022)

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

The political history of Bengal has always been violent; And it's just the survival game in the power struggle. On e such incident happened in Rampurhat few days back where the Deputy Chief was murdered publicly by some mischief; and in protest of it more people died in house fire.

Now two main question arises - What had actually happened? And who are the real imposters? To answer this we require an impartial inquiry. But that's not our business; and so we aren't discussing that here. What else we should do is questioning - Why are such things happening regularly? We must talk about solution to get rid of such incidents in future, because that's exactly what democracy is for. I personally noticed a pattern here, where at the end we just rapidly got gyrated and have not reached the solution. So, what is the solution then? What should we do as students? We must read and analyze the situation and question accordingly. So that the pattern breaks and we reach the solution. We must remember that those who are under the shed of the situation may either be afraid of the powerful people or they are directly associated with the Governance. We must not propagate ourself with the colorful political parties & there propaganda as we elect them to protect us. There is no point in adopting untruthful and unjust routes.

As Netaji himself too infused the importance of adhering the truth and justice; and He also used to believe that the means should always justify the end.

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