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Re-defining Life: How Purpose, Optimism and Authenticity Can Free Your Soul

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

1. Breaking Conventions: Empowering Self-Actualization

Every so often we immerse in pondering the heavy consequences of self-actualization. We fear the 'what ifs' of failures, rejections and frustrations. We prefer to stay in the 'zone of convention' behind the bars of timidity. We end up taking life seriously.

Now let's visualize it upside down. We pacifying us whenever we contemplate failing; reminiscing how we all made it through and will accomplish the same this time. Furthermore, we acknowledge how every downfall is just the addition of a new dimension and opportunity to rejuvenate the moments of living in the truest sense possible. It's us, living in the world of liberty breaking the shackles of trepidation. It's us, not holding back, releasing the candid self to life. We must stop taking life seriously and realize that every access denied will open the doorway to experience and enlightenment. Life is all about productivity, self-acceptance and living every moment choosing to be the happiest.

Validate. Emancipate. Nourish.

Your dreams matter. You will manifest your purposes. It'll contribute most aptly and excellently.

2. Marshall McLuhan: The Medium is the Message – How We're All Wired To Connect

All that you needed was another conversation/ re-explanation/ renewal/ confirmation/ acceptance/ encouragement to persist/ to let go and perhaps more of you being you. What obstructed you was the trepidation of being exposed, seeming vulnerable, a feeling of separation, excluded and unable to cope, appearing gullible and naive! What needed to be accomplished ~ accepting yourself wholeheartedly, certifying your inner-self of complex thoughts and feelings with the deserved validation, involving others with sheer honesty of the situation, recognizing your ability to add a new dimension and anticipating the gain of new perspectives and opportunities.

Even the simplest emotions, happiness or despair, when shared, creates a huge impact. The universe is a single entity. The smiles are contagious, even the tears. On that account, leaving the holdfast of judgment and criticism, overcoming anxiety and low self-esteem, extending validation and empathy to others, and making them feel heard and interpreted the right way is a necessity to transform the dynamics!

Opening up the right stuff to the right people makes all the difference. Opening your heart and transforming it into a gateway of worthy connections and solidarity is the first step towards radiating inner sparkle!

3. Life and I- The uneven thread: Embracing Imperfection

Self-contradiction is bliss as it assists us in unleashing creativity, exploring solutions on our terms and is a provision to extract the learnings. Self-disputes are healthy as they provoke us to contemplate our needs, express them, find out necessary alternatives and altogether we might end up getting a new perspective. Being sensitive does not indicate us being vulnerable. It imparts us as conscious about our emotions and interactions; conveys our compassion and altruism ~ perhaps the truest essence of being humanism!

Perfection is a myth. Unpredictability and paradox in progress are the reality.

Whatever gratifies you, puts a smile on your face, demonstrates you in the most candid format and doesn't bring the diminished self out of you is a mandate for our lifestyle, no matter what others say and think of it! Expand beyond the confined self. Break the barriers of paradox. Adapt and appreciate the multitude.

Hope. Burn. Bloom.

4. Endings are always beautiful when we stop inspecting and expecting: Letting life happen

Every day we compile thousands of moments that appear to wait for our verdicts and opinions. The negligence towards our enthusiasm by others, our pre-conceived notions assisting in taking major decisions, drawing inferences from observations, and extreme extrapolation compel us to underestimate ourselves and eventually lead to unacceptable intricacies. We are too quick to jump to conclusions. We anticipate the worst in people and situations. We seldom discover the brighter side and tend to judge outwardly. We rarely contemplate the dire consequences of it on life and relationships.

Embracing uncertainty is a beauty. It guarantees solace from the shackles of the loop of judging, evaluating and evolving superior in some way by slamming others.

Not necessarily all moments require entitlement. Drop the reasons, scrutiny, and endless possibilities stopping you from dwelling at the moment. Breathe. Slow down. Reassess the validity of all the information available. Question your hypothesis. Shift your perspectives.

5. Epistemology of Loss, responsibility, Self-sufficiency and progress

The gloom and grief in our life showcase the authority and our dependency on the extrinsic factors to achieve eternality. Take responsibilities. Hold yourself accountable for the hardships and misery. Be answerable to the distractions, deprivations and forfeitures. Take hold of your expectations. Become the superintendent of the pleasures, prosperities, successes and achievements in your life and relationships as well. Befit of bringing about the paradigm shift, initiating changes and making differences out there.

Conflict is an inevitable part of life. The sooner you accept, the lesser you scrutinize-the quicker you arise from it.

Relinquish it all.

Rejuvenate and revitalize.

Revive with ecstasy.

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