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#Opinion | Bond of Blood- Belarus and Russia

Has Yevgeny Prigozhin, Putin's one-time cook, finally retreated after launching a military coup against the Kremlin? He announced the decision to stop the Moscow operation to avoid bloodshed and to withdraw the rebel forces that reached the threshold of Moscow.

President Putin with President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko
President Putin with the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko

Naturally, the question arises, why this Russian military commander, who has been jailed several times for theft and robbery, suddenly retreated like this? It is known that behind it is the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko. Russian President Putin got relief for the time being with the timely intervention of a friend.

Belarusian President Lukashenko is behind the withdrawal of troops from Rostov-on-Don to Belarus. In fact, Lukashenko's 'friendship' with Putin is a big factor in this case. Lukashenko has been the president of Russia's neighboring country Belarus since 1994. After almost three decades of his presidency, Lukashenko is known to have "the hand of Putin."

This time, Lukashenko repaid that help by removing Grigorin and his forces from Russian soil, according to informed sources. Incidentally, a criminal case was initiated against Yevgeni Prigoxin after the protest

President Putin's government did. Lukashenka came forward to mediate in this situation. And Prigobin, the first of the 25,000 mercenaries, agreed to retreat.

Yevgeny Prigozhin himself announced that they decided to stop the Moscow campaign to avoid bloodshed. He was withdrawing Wagner's forces which had reached the threshold of Moscow. Before Prigozhin's announcement on Saturday night (Indian time), the Belarusian government claimed that the rebel leader had reached an understanding with its President Alexander Lukashenko. And then Prigozhin decided to stop the Moscow campaign.

Incidentally, Prigogine, the hlead of Wagner's army, announced on social media on Saturday morning, 'Civil war has officially started.' The mercenary force also said, 'We are patriots. President Putin has made a grave mistake of betraying the motherland.' Then panic spread. That panic is believed to be over for now.

Prigozhin spent nine years in prison for robbery and fraud as a Red Army officer during the Soviet Communist Party, but later rose to power under Putin's umbrella. Due to his closeness with the Russian president, he gradually became the commander of Wagner's mercenary army. This mercenary force was formed in 2014. They used to go to fight in different countries in exchange of money. Prigozhin's mercenary army fought in Syria, Libya and most recently Ukraine. The surprise attack by Prigozhin's forces caused Ukrainian forces to retreat in one town after another. Russian military forces moved in behind Wagner's forces.

On Saturday morning, Vladimir Putin fled Russia after being chased by Wagner's forces. Prigozhin's army was occupying several Russian cities. At that time, the news spread that Putin had left Russia in the midst of a civil war. Despite Kremlin statements, Putin is in the capital, Moscow. Fake news is being spread about the president. A western press claimed, after Rostov-on-Don, Wagner's forces captured the important city of Voronezh in western Russianear Ukraine border.

The US administration already knew. At least that's what the US media claims. According to the American media, the US intelligence had information about this rebellion 24 hours ago. The White House came to know through the intelligence that the new explosion is going to start in Russia based on the war with Ukraine. Not only that, but in the middle of June, the leaders of the US spy agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) came to know about the mutiny of Prigozhin's Wagner forces. Speculation since then, was the instigation of the CIA behind this rebellion? Although the US intelligence claims, the news of the rebellion was not only known by the American administration. Putin himself knew that his one-time partner and favorite chef, the owner of a famous restaurant and catering company in Moscow, was going to declare rebellion during this war.

The CIA is trying to get hold of Russian army officers, this claim has been going on for a long time. In particular, reports of CIA's black money dealings with a section of Russian mafia and powerful oligarchs have been published before. There have even been allegations that the CIA provided money to the anti-corruption wing of Alexei Navalny, the anti-Putin leader of the Russian Parliament.

It is said that the American spy agency started baiting Prigozhin with Putin. Several commanders of the Russian army have been repeatedly accused of corruption. Before the war in Ukraine, starting from armored vehicles to various war equipment, Russian army officers are selling this claim from various sources. By looking at all the facts, a section of the informed circles sees the CIA's 'hand' behind Prigozhin's 'coup'.

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