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One person killed, more than 20 injured in a bomb at a conference centre in Kerala

On Sunday morning, a tragic incident unfolded at a Christian faith group's conference center in Kalamassery, resulting in one fatality and over 20 individuals sustaining injuries due to a bomb detonation, as confirmed by authorities.


Eyewitnesses within the conference center reported that the initial explosion took place in the midst of a prayer session. An elderly woman within the institution recounted, "Subsequently, we heard two more blasts."

The Kalamassery police official indicated that the exact cause of the explosion and whether multiple explosions occurred have not been officially verified. The site of the blast has been cordoned off, as mentioned by State Industries Minister P Rajeev. Both police and fire services have been dispatched to the scene.

Rajeev further stated that only a few victims have suffered severe burns, emphasizing that comprehensive medical assistance is readily available at the Kalamassery Medical College. If required, the injured will be relocated to other medical facilities.

As of now, the minister stated that there is no available information regarding the nature of the blast or the responsible parties.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Kerala Health Minister Veena George mobilized government healthcare personnel to report for duty.

An attendee present at the facility estimated that around 2,000 people were inside the hall during the event. Authorities received a distress call about the incident at approximately 9 a.m., prompting a swift response from law enforcement.

Television broadcasts depicted a substantial presence of firefighters and police officers engaged in the rescue efforts. Disturbing footage from inside the conference center revealed flames engulfing the hall, with families and children in a state of panic. The video also captured individuals struggling to extinguish the flames amid the wreckage of seats. Subsequent to the explosion, a large crowd gathered outside the conference center.

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