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Oh Lord!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Oh Lord!

Whenever I see around

I find The Sky to be soaked in weeps

Whenever I feel the wind around

It's just like a revolving chair

The sun once with orange light

Sets with deep red.

The sand once paved the way to the sea

Now got enclosed in bricks The Mountain that soar to heights

Got cavity in its root The flowers that were for reverence Cover

the life-less bodies The faces that twinkled in ups and downs Turns

grin with light less day.

Oh Lord!

Holding the Post of Power Riding on a Fire Blazed Horse Come!

Come down to save Let the Earth be washed once more

Let the Wisdom prevail Let the strength be upheld

Let the Ensign be free in air....

The Mother Earth is yelling in pain,

Oh Lord! Please descend Again.

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