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Nothing Phone 2 Launch

About the Company

Nothing Technology Limited is a consumer electronics manufacturer based in London, England. The company was founded in October 2022 by Carl Pei (he also Co-founded the Smartphone company OnePlus). The company is well known for its aesthetically pleasing transparent devices. Device Portfolio 1. Ear (1) - Rs. 5,999/-

2. Ear (Stick) - Rs. 8,499/-

3. Ear (2) - Rs. 10,000/-

4. Phone (1) - Rs. 29,499/-

Phone (2) Launch

Nothing Technology Limited unveiled their Phone (2) as on 11th July 2023 one day before the 1st Anniversary of Launch of Phone (1). The Specifications of the phone have been compared with its predecessors down below.

All We Know So Far & Our Opinion Nothing is focusing on both the hardware components and equally to the software side as well firstly increasing the Glyph interface functionality. In the Phone (1) Calls, Charging and Notifications would activate the Glyph lights. Now with the Phone (2) firstly u get a lot more customization like now you can set different notification tones for every other app.

Now when upon turning up or down the volume the Light acts somewhat like a progress bar.

Zomato and Uber now have been integrated to the interface and will show you the remaining time for your food or cab to arrive. Same also applies to the timer app. And there is an upgrade to the front camera which is now 32MP (Phone (1) had 16 MP front facing camera), the display size has also increased and the in hand feel as well because now the phone has a curved back glass. Overall all the new features are adding to personalisation and functionality which make it justifiable for the phone to have a starting price point of around 40,000 INR.

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