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Netaji & Deshbandhu – The Unexplored Mentor-Mentee relationship remaking Modern Indian History

Mentors are the exemplar of our endeavours to fulfil aspirations, persevere to overcome obstacles, bind our dreams to the larger world and enliven our purpose for a transformed aspect of life. One such resemblance is remarkably evident in the precise influence of Chittaranjan Das on the promising political career of Subhas Chandra Bose.

The Perpetual Initiation:

It all initiated from the belief that serving an alien bureaucracy will not help to blaze the path for attaining freedom; which in fact instigated Bose to resign from the prestigious government service and pen down two letters to C.R. Das where He mentioned His principle, expressed His indomitable yearning to serve the motherland and drafted his approach of contribution. C.R. Das conveyed the lack of sincerity among present workers and replied that Subhas will soon find him in the realm of politics for demonstrating supervision and elocution; to which Bose jotted – “I have nothing more to say. The die is cast and I earnestly hope that nothing but good will come out of it."

Rebellion against Gandhian domination, embracing uncertainties in the form of worldly renunciation by C.R. Das and deep admiration for Bengal and its culture for liberalisation and rejuvenation of India accompanied by parental affection connected the pioneers and played a key role even in Bose's international exposure as Das marked the importance of letting the world know about the problems of India.


This political apprenticeship helped Bose achieve freedom of ideas and actions, instilled grit of sacrifice and suffering and is responsible for a prompt rise in prominence.

Write-up by: Shreyasi Pal

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