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Moscow & Putin will follow the path shown by Modi


India's 'time-tested' friend Russia once again praised Narendra Modi after the US administration of Eden. The country's President Vladimir Putin said India's finances have improved thanks to the Make-in-India project. Russia can follow the same path.

Incidentally, Prime Minister Modi visited America a few days ago. Diplomats of the two countries claim that India-US bilateral strategic and trade relations have become stronger during this visit. After that, India again openly praised Russia for a long time. According to Russian news agencies, Putin attended an event in Moscow. While giving a speech there, he said, 'India is our friend. Russia also has good relations with Prime Minister Modi. A few years ago he launched a project called Make-in-India in India. Its impact on Indian economy has been very good. Russia can also popularize products made in the country in the way shown by India.

Incidentally, India has a deep friendship with the Kremlin since the time of Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950s. India has always imported oil from that country at a low price. During Indira Gandhi's tenure, the strategic friendship between the two countries became stronger than before. That relationship is still intact. Many thought that India, a long-standing friend of Russia for decades, would be in trouble during the Ukraine attack. Instead, a message was sent from Delhi to both sides to resolve the issue through peaceful talks. Even the threat of US economic blockade could not crack the Russian-Indian relationship. At that time too India bought fuel oil from Russia as before. Denis Olipov, the Russian ambassador appointed to India a few days ago, said that the relationship between the two countries has become much stronger than before.

Modi's visit to Washington strengthened the bilateral relationship between India and America. In this situation, the question was raised, is there a crack in New Delhi's friendship with the Kremlin? Will India's closeness with America, Russia's fierce rival, lead to a misunderstanding about Russia-India? Russian ambassador Alipov opened his mouth to dispel all speculations in this matter. He said, "Every day, the international community spreads slander in the name of Russia. It also affected India-Russia relations. But the friendship between the two countries will never crack.' A few days after this speech, Putin himself praised India.

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