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India's diplomacy, military and economic might to make Bharat a global superpower

Recently Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has returned home after completing his foreign visits. Among them, he stayed in America for several days on various occasions. But this time America tour is different from other five tours. Why different? The events that have taken place since the beginning of the Indian Prime Minister's foreign tour are quite significant. So it can be said that this is a historical visit. On June 22, US President Joe Biden said in his speech while welcoming the Indian Prime Minister, “Given the global situation, it is imperative that India and the US work together. Again, what Joe Biden said by greeting the Prime Minister with a song salute in Washington DC is also very meaningful. Besides emphasizing India-US relationship, he said, it is very important for the two countries to work together. He said, "Two great nations, two great powers, two great friends can define the course of 21st century." Never before has the US shown so much enthusiasm for friendship with India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the US Congress during his foreign tour. Not a statement, it can be said, a historical statement. In this speech of about 1 hour, 15 times the American parliamentarians stood up and saluted the Prime Minister and clapped 79 times. This amazing event has caught the attention of the whole world.

On the other hand, war, conflict, and economic crisis in different parts of the world are gradually engulfing different countries. So in this violence crazed world, the only way out of these various problems is 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam i.e. the entire human race is one family. This mantra of ancient India may be the only way to save the world from critical situations.

There are many reasons for the strong and developed countries of the world to give importance to India. If we look back a bit, we will see India's contribution to the world during Covid. In a country of 1.4 billion people, apart from giving vaccines to its own citizens, India also distributed covid vaccine to neighboring states. According to sources, India had delivered vaccines to nearly 40 countries of the world in that difficult situation, even Pakistan was not excluded from that list

India has also developed the economy very rapidly in a few years. According to the 2023 World GDP Ranking, India is currently the fifth largest economy in the world. India is positioned after USA, China, Japan, Germany. At the same time, the per capita income has increased by about 33.4 percent. The country's GDP was valued at $2.7 trillion in 2021, which is expected to reach $8 trillion in 2030, making India the third largest economy in the world.

What a country needs most to stand tall in front of the world is a strong defense system. At present India has also made great progress in the field of defence. India itself is now capable of manufacturing sophisticated defense equipment and weapons. According to the data of the department, 99 percent of the defense equipment procured in the fiscal year 2023 worth Rs 2 lakh 71 thousand crore was purchased from Indian companies. Defense research and development (R&D) budget increased by 17.57 percent compared to 2021-22.

A few days ago, when the Prime Minister of India visited Papua New Guinea, Prime Minister James Marape bowed down and bowed to Narendra Modi's feet. The whole world witnessed a rare sight that day. The Prime Minister of a country is bowing to the Prime Minister of India. The head of state of a country is going to bow to the feet of the head of state in another country, if you turn the pages of history, you will not find any such incident!

Recently, the G7 meeting was held in Japan. Heads of state from seven countries of the world attended the meeting. US President Joe Biden hugged Modi on the stage of the G7 held in Hiroshima. According to diplomats, the state leaders' gestures tell how the relationship between one country and another country is. And this sincere exchange of skills with the Indian Prime Minister of a powerful country like America on the international stage like G7 proves how strong India-US relations are. Not only that, the importance of India to different countries of the world has come up again and again in recent incidents. It is a matter of great pride and joy for us as citizens of India.

Not only is India self-reliant in the defense sector, the Indian Army is ready to respond to any attack on the country. The Indian Army's strict policy has reduced the number of terrorist attacks to a large extent. Those who used to throw stones at the Indian army in Kashmir today do not dare to point a finger at the army. We have seen how India brought back Indian Air Force officer Abhinandan Varthaman who was captured by Pakistan a few years ago. These events show the strength of India. “Uri- The Surgical Strike" reminds me of a dialogue in the movie. The actor playing Ajit Doval in the movie was heard saying, Yeh Hindustan ab chup nehi bythega yeh naya Hindustan hai, Yeh ghar mein ghusega vee, aur marega vee.' Today we can feel that this dialogue is not just a movie but how real it is. Today, no country even dares to look at India, let alone attack her.

In just a few years, the major countries of the world want to join the great progress that India has made in various fields, including finance. That is why India is being respected today by the world's leading countries on the international stage.

From all these events, it can be easily guessed that India is progressing towards absolute prosperity.

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