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Liquide Review

Liquide is what you can call an investment tool. This app helps you take informed decisions and conduct research before investing or doing a trade. It comes with quite a few features which can help anyone from a newbie to a seasoned investor. It works will the big brokers in India like Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, 5Paisa, Angle One etc. hence gives you the ability to import and evaluate your portfolio.

User Interface

The user interface is really clean, minimal and very easy to interact with.

The app majorly being divided into these 5 segments. All options are clearly listed here making it helpful for the user to interact with it. This also places the user attention towards LiMo their flagship feature which we have discussed further down below in the article.

IPO Section

IPO (Initial Public Offering), is when a stock is listed onto a Stock Exchange for the first time and at times are really good offers for making a quick buck. Liquide provides a detailed report which include their opinion upon the offer and if it would be worthwhile investing into.

Portfolio Section

The tie ups with most of the major brokers in India helps users of Liquide to import their portfolios and get it analysed. Portfolio Health check is done by Liquide by seeing the market sentiment and the value of the stock and it points out any Red Flags (cautions).

This sector wise split feature helps see the diversification in one’s portfolio and further diversify it if needed. Also, it shows you the Volatility of Portfolio in relation to NIFTY50.

Trade Setups

Liquide helps you with your trades by creating trade setups and they claim to have an 80% success rate. The app keeps a track on the price and the features which affect the price of the stock and notify you when the Target Price/Stop Loss is hit.

Ask LiMo

This is the Flagship feature provided by Liquide to its customers. Liquide gives a detailed report about stock and helps you decide if you shall buy/sell/hold a certain stock. It firstly asks you the stock you want the information about and then ask if you own it already or not. If you own some stock then it asks for the average price and quantity and lastly the time period (giving options less than 3 months, 3 to 12 months or more than 12 months).

The detailed report consists of their opinion of Buy/Sell/Hold and then a detailed take on which they suggested so. Key Insights about the company and market conditions of the company, fundamental insights, their traded price and volume and also financials of the company i.e., revenue and net profit.


The application tracks and provides you with information pertaining to only the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and not the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) hence as for investors of BSE the app has no usage, future addition of BSE can help out the application drive up its user base and revenue as well.


Just like mostly all of the applications these days Liquide is also a subscription-based application. The 12 Month plan costs 7.499 or 825 p.m. This comes with a wealth coach who helps you and provides you one on one advice for your portfolio and trades. Quarterly Portfolio health checkups, Unlimited Stock reports can be generated from LiMo, and also Unlimited stock recommendations are available. Live academy classes also do quite some value additions for an individual, and the subscription also features daily short-term trade sessions and/or BTST.

This subscription also gives you unlimited coins which otherwise are 1coin = 1

Overall, the application is quite useful and can come in handy for anyone with a mid to big portfolio who invests in NSE stocks and the price for the services are justified as well.

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