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Jai Subhash for the 125th time!

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

With the youth of the nation reverenced for the great leader of the Indian National Movement, Subhas Chandra Bose, a possible grand celebration awaits the entire country, as the celebration for the republic day is said to start right from the 23rd of January, marking the beginning of preparation of events.

For a democratic republic such as India, why is this event important? One might argue, as to why the COVID-19 containment is not kept in mind, or why celebrate events such as these, when The Republic day and The Independence Day which marks the transfer of power from the erstwhile British Government of India to the Indianness of the administration.

Extrapolation of the Bose Birth Anniversary makes sense, as it is a fact that he is an integral part of the Bengal zone, the zone which had received East India Company and the zone which had given the strongest pushback. There were letter witness of Attlee and others stating that the British Raj feared the uprising by the Azad Hind Fauj and mutiny within the Navy as a result. This entire uprising could potentially have overthrown the crown, in anticipation of which the British wanted to conduct a gradual transfer of power with favorable terms and conditions.


INA veterans would be treated equal to the saviours of the nation. The schools and the curriculum of India would include the sacrifices of the people and the true reason of the "poorna swaraj". The families would be compensated or glorified for the "Sarva Shrestha Balidaan". They would be remembered in the least!


Harsh truth, the INA were not only considered as unfit for the independent government, they were neither honoured nor were their sacrifices and methods taught by the standard curriculum. Instead, the British led education system favoured a biased approach. 200 years of struggle and only sections of Indian National Congress and few rulers are taught. The time plagues the remaining veterans of ill health, and only a few nostalgic nerds actually care about that one revolution.

So, what is the fuss of a day of a man being celebrated, and why is a section, out of nowhere, speaking all of this backstory?

The reason:

The Indians and the state of Bengal live in the richness of history, of its abundant culture and heritage of both good deeds and damned torment. The pandemic, which has taken away the lives of people, their economic and social freedom, the inhabitants remember the dark past as they get the time to set a flashback in the timeline of history.

Freedom was never attained by begging for it, but the blood, sweat and tears of the people paid the price. Marking this day seems not to be a promise to quench the debt of revolution, but however rekindling the spirit to question, and to remember the true history beyond the yellow pages of planned propaganda. This day shall rekindle the pride in the words of Jai hind and Inquilab, for the shackles of the pandemic will be broken soon by us as a nation.

Here is the official Tweet by ANI :

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