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Israel: Three UN personnel arrested for transporting drugs

Three UN personnel have been detained on suspicion of trying to smuggle cocaine into Israel from Jordan by liquifying it and passing it off as a component for perfume.

According to a joint statement from the Israel Tax Authority and the police, the suspects, who are employed by the UN in Syria, were detained on Sunday near Beit She'an as they attempted to enter Israel through the Jordan River Border Crossing. In kits for creating perfume that the UN employees reportedly tried to import, inspectors found what they thought to be liquid cocaine.

In order to conceal the drug, smugglers frequently breakdown cocaine into a liquid form and conceal it in bottles meant for spirits or perfume. Once they reach their destination, they turn the liquid cocaine back into powder. In the instance from Sunday, a drug-detecting dog assisted in locating the purported cocaine. In response to the nation's escalating cocaine consumption, the Israel Defence Forces have prevented 30 drug smuggling attempts so far this year.

Smugglers commonly break down cocaine into a liquid form and hide it in bottles designed for alcohol or perfume in order to disguise the drug. Upon arrival, they transform the liquid cocaine back into powder. In the case from Sunday, a canine drug-detection device helped locate the alleged cocaine. The Israel Defence Forces have so far this year stopped 30 attempts at drug smuggling in reaction to the country's rising cocaine addiction.

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