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Introducing the Sharod Shonkhya 2023 of Forward Webzine

Forward Webzine is thrilled to announce the release of the Pujo Special Edition, a publication that promises to be a captivating and insightful read for all those celebrating the spirit of Durga Puja. Forward Webzine has once again curated a special edition that encapsulates the essence of the festive season.

The Sharod Shonkhya 2023 is a unique offering that delves deep into the heart and soul of Durga Puja, one of the most widely celebrated festivals in India, to be specific in West Bengal. This special edition allows readers to immerse themselves in the rich culture, traditions, and stories that make Durga Puja a truly special occasion.

Key Features of the Sharod Shonkhya 2023 :

1. Diverse Content - The Pujo Special Edition is packed with articles, stories, and features that cover a wide array of topics, including the history and significance of Durga Puja, and more.

2. Visual Delights - Stunning photographs and artistic renditions of Durga Puja celebrations from various regions will grace the pages, adding to the visual delight of the publication.

3. Historical Content - Keeping in pace with the roots from which Forward originated and also the celebrations of 21st October, the day of proclamation of Arzi-Hukumar-e-Azad-Hind by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, this edition has a section dedicated to the Indian Independence Movement.

4. Mass Contributions - Forward Webzine encourages contributions from the masses, allowing readers to share their own Puja experiences, photographs, and reflections. This creates a sense of unity and belonging within the magazine's readership.

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