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Indo Pacific Army Chief's Conference

Indian Army and United States Army co- hosted the 13th IPACC (Indo Pacific Army Chief's Conference) ,47th IPAMS (Indo Pacific Armies Management Seminar) and 9th SELF (Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum) in New Delhi from 25th to 27th September. The delegations of 30 countries attended the event.

In Picture: General Manjo Pande (Chief of Army Staff Indian Army) and General Randy George (Chief of Staff, US Army) Image Source: WION

General Manoj Pande (Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army) discussed about the plans for the event and went over crucial factors like shared responsibility towards achieving and sustain peace and stability. He explained that during the 3-day event engagement and ideation would be taking place at 3 tiers. Tier 1

The first tier would be Army Chief’s Conclave discussion. The topic which would be bought to light being security dynamics and macro contrast of synergies strategy for affecting peace and stability of the Indo-Pacific Region. Tier 2 The next tier would be Operational Military Commander's discussions engaging in discussions on joint exercises, inter-operability between the armies. Every participant would give their sub regional perspectives and share their best practices and also lessons learnt. General Pandey also added this as being building block of collaborative road map for future for the Indo-Pacific. Tier 3

The final tier being Senior Enlisted Leaders discussions. This would include professional development, leadership skill development and also have a major focus on management of manpower. India gets its limelight The Republic of India a developing nation and an emerging super power is trying to dominate the defence sector market with both reliable and cost-effective new age tech gadgets which assist the militaries in new age warfare.

Technology Showcase:

• Drones and UAVs for Intelligence gathering, surveillance, reconnaissance.

• Doot and Parush nano UAVs built by IDR R&D for Counter Terrorism operations

In Picture: Doot Nano Drone Mark 1 Image Source: Hindustan Times

• MaRG artillery guns by Kalyani Strategic Systems which is a 155mm/39 calibre shoot-and-scoot capable artillery system.

In Picture: MaRG Artillery Guns Image Source: Frontier India

In recent times imports have decreased and exports have increased signficantly due to policy initiatives and reforms. India has set a defence export target of ₹35,000 crore by 2024-25.

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