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If Subhas Returned... - A Factual Analysis

“সুভাষ ঘরে ফেরে নাই” – This proverb perhaps rules Bengali’s mind with a teardrop in the corner of the eye. But have we ever thought, what would have happened if Subhas did return?

Subhas Bose’s National Planning can never be questioned; But do you think the Congress, which forced Subhas to resign His Presidentship, would have allowed Him to work freely in Independent India? During 1943-45 when Subhas was writing a golden history in South East Asia, the Congress had already rumoured inside India that the INA victory would start a Japanese leadership in India. As a result, Subhas never got the assistance He expected from Indians, rather got their betrayal. Do you think that the same Indians would have voted for Subhas’s Prime Ministership? You may question, what about the INA trails! Indians (also Mr. Nehru) supported the INA men! Let me inform you, in the words of Dwijendranath Bose “Panditji thought it proper to wear that namaboli of INA to cross the river of election.” The sad truth is that the only thing which excites the masses; even His quotes (except a few popular) are known to very less people. Indians are still far from what Subhas thought in His lifetime.

To my viewpoint, if Subhas did return to Independent India, His ideas on National Planning would have served fruitful only if the Indians selflessly supported Him (which is not possible even in current scenario).

Write-up by: Rajdeep Saha

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