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Hues In Ink (by Vaanee Tripathi) #ForwardReviews

Rating – 4.5/5

A compilation that exhibits the real essence of colourful life. The texts provoke the readers to accept that life is beautiful and yet isn't a rosy bed either. Just as every shade has its own significance, every moment is meant to be embraced and conquered.

With tinges of romance embedded in the language of French, pinches of the mythologies inciting the urge to turn the pages, and a bundle of write-ups presenting a revolutionizing perspective on life, a lucid and cherishing read is fabricated by the author for the audience.

The depth portrayed in each of the poems in synchronicity with the shades is absolutely mind-boggling. The plethora of emotions implanted, ranging from vulnerability to invincibility will keep the reader hooked through the pages, letting them experience the sensations of harmony and discord of phases of life deep within.

The intriguing words promise solitude and a changed perspective- the reflections of the shades we witness through the eyes in our mind are penned by the author through plausible wordplay, hence, assuring an acknowledged inner-self-made of emotions and rationality to the reader.

Recommended Read!

Publisher: Inkstate (August 9, 2022)

Paperback: 62 pages

ISBN-10: 9356106118

ISBN-13: 978-9356106116

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