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Google Play Games on Windows

Windows now supports Google Play Games apps in android which allows for users to play android games on their computers. The application is still in beta phase and hence is only selected few games are currently available the support for the same will increase overtime. Anyone can take to their website and try out the application.

The Official Website for downloading the application is

At the present stage the space requirement for installation is 2.2 GB. ( Liable to changes with updates ).

The app design is really clean and easy to navigate through and quite user friendly. It has quite the resemblance to its parent app i.e. the Android Google Play Store.

Gaming Experience


Depending mostly on the specs of the user’s device but provides generally a really fluid and jitter / lag free experience.

The only issue being games which had a Portrait orientation. As they are unable to fill the whole screen and hence appear like a popup while the whole desktop (or any other background are visible on the sides ) ( The Game used in this specific example being Cut the Rope 2 by Developer Zepto Lab )

Other Games which have a Landscape Orientation act like any other computer game and are available to play in a Fullscreen mode. ( The Game used in this specific example being Clash of Clans by Developer Supercell )

Pressing Tab + Shift will open for you the settings from where you can access all important settings as well as controls/key bindings.

Any game mentioned in text or image are just selected at random. We are not adverting on behalf on any of them. 

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