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Ganapath - "The experimental film of Tiger Shroff & Kriti Sanon gives a new kind of entertainment"

Director: Vikas Behl

Cast: Kriti Sanon, Tiger Shroff, Amitabh Bachchhan


Duration: 2 hr 16 mins

Final Verdict: 3*/5*

Source - Yahoo Movies

In an era dominated by clichéd storylines, Ganapath emerges as a daring departure from the norm. This venture, backed by Pooja Entertainment, deserves commendation for its audacity in taking risks, ultimately resulting in a commendable success. While it may not cater to every palate, Ganapath's experimental approach stands as both its strength and weakness.

Ganapath navigates two distinct worlds—the opulent and the impoverished. Centered around Guddu, a denizen of affluence tasked with procuring a fighter for a kingpin, the narrative takes an unexpected turn when the same don condemns him to a premature grave. This catalytic event propels Guddu into the realm of the destitute, where he embarks on a mission of salvation.

His objective: to liberate his brethren from the clutches of an ominous force named Dalini. While the storyline may not attain greatness, its unique treatment imbues it with a distinct charm, making it a compelling theatrical experience.

Ganapath elevates the standard of action and entertainment to a whole new echelon. Tiger Shroff's entrance is nothing short of spectacular, captivating the audience from the outset. Throughout the film, moments of astonishment punctuate the narrative, leaving viewers to question if this truly belongs to the Bollywood milieu.

The chemistry between Tiger and Kriti Sanon is palpable, lending an endearing quality to many scenes. This film holds particular appeal for younger audiences. For those seeking a fresh and experimental cinematic experience, Ganapath comes highly recommended.

Tiger Shroff's relentless pursuit of action excellence takes a compelling turn in Ganapath. The training sequences are awe-inspiring, and the grand fight scenes provide ample entertainment. Kriti Sanon's portrayal is equally captivating, especially in high-energy sequences. Her foray into diverse roles is proving successful, and this film is no exception. Amitabh Bachchan's distinctive appearance and resonant voice add a unique dimension to the film.

Vikas Bahl, known for his directorial triumphs in Queen and Super 30, takes a daring leap with Ganapath. His unwavering grip on the narrative is evident, reflecting extensive research and hard work invested in this fresh endeavor.

The film's background score, masterfully composed by Salim Suleman, complements the film's mood seamlessly, never impeding its momentum. Noteworthy tracks, such as "Hum Aaye Hain" and Tiger's entry song "Sara Zamana," resonate with the audience. The chemistry between Tiger and Kriti is further accentuated in the song "Lafda Karle."

The visual treatment of Ganapath is striking. The portrayal of the Ganapath universe is both distinctive and grand, underscoring the cinematographer's skill.

Ganapath emerges as a cinematic anomaly, sure to elicit both praise and critique. However, it is imperative to support such innovative endeavors, for they pave the way for the evolution of new cinematic experiences. In an industry prone to formulaic offerings, Ganapath stands as a testament to the power of audacious storytelling and cinematic experimentation.

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