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Friend Of The Nation #Deshbandhu

Friend of the nation, “Deshbandhu” Chittaranjan Das, was a freedom fighter, political activist, and lawyer on his prime during 1917-25. As the founder leader of the Swaraj Party C.R. Das’ public career began in 1909 when He successfully defended Aurobindo Ghosh on charges of involvement in the Alipore bomb case. His innovative and modern thinking is evident from the fact that when He was the President of the Bengal Provincial Conference, He put forward a plan for village reconstruction through the establishment of local self-government, regeneration of cottage industries etc.

His innovative mind was nourished by an equally sacrificial soul. He sacrificed all his luxuries and devoted himself to the Freedom Movement in 19 after denouncing the Montagu-Chelmsford Reform, establishing Diarchy. He burned his European clothes, tailored, and maintained in Paris; wearing Khadi and thus initiating ban on usage of British-made clothes. He was a leading figure in Bengal during the Non-cooperation Movement (1919-22).

Being a believer of non-violence, he advocated Hindu-Muslim unity, cooperation, and communal harmony. He brought out a newspaper “Forward” (later changed to “Liberty”) to fight the British Raj by spreading awareness. Subhas Chandra Bose started as the editor of this newspaper, who considered C.R. Das as his mentor / political guru.

His creative and expressive side got light through his poems, articles, and essays. In fact, He was associated with several literary societies. “Malancha”, “Mala”, and “Sagar Sangeet” are a few of his published poems.

Present-day Chittaranjan Seva Sadan is nothing other than a hospital built on his lands, gifted for it to be used for the betterment of the lives of women. Today, it not only treats women, but also is a home to all the specialties.

India lost her one of the most precious sons on 16 June 1925 in Darjeeling where he had died of contracting a severe fever as a result of overworking himself.

Forward Media Group pays humble tribute to this leader on His 152nd Birth Anniversary.

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