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#FridayNight_16 - Poetry

Am I that good at exploiting insecurities?

As I never get to acknowledge mine.

Ignored them till numb is what I felt,

My mind got so heated that it chose to melt.

In the glimpse of the newly found betterment

The cut of the past monster still wins.

Demons we are in reality,

Angels we become to cover our sins.

Never really got hurt by words until you took a try,

Knife wasn’t even such sharp so the words made my life feel like a lie.

Heavy was the damage to my ego which disintegrated my faith,

Hopes were all lost by me as the words were clearly said.

Framed felt I in your world of victim cards;

Stood by me no one as the portrait of mine was petrified.

Villain was the role of mine in every story known,

Death was just a long-distance relationship not anymore watching me hide.

Eternity was a long phase which preferred to be painful,

Escape from it was rather short as it always felt much more peaceful.

The melancholy of mine shall never be discovered.

The smile that faded away from my face cannot be recovered.

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