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#FridayNight_11 - Poetry

When the day comes, I don't want to wake up anymore to a world,

Which hasn't embraced the touch of the greatest,

Whose heart doesn't go pounding seeing 7 on a particular someone's back.

I don't want to live with whom who has never

Heard about the boy who shined too early but never reaches his true potential,

Seen God disguise himself as a lion among the little humans.

Magic was all there to see between

The boy, the alien and the one biting forward,

Broken never was the wall of a white coloured warrior.

Eyes closed saving haven't been seen by them,

Or have they seen tearing apart of all in 9 long breaths.

Redemption is white with a bandage in hand do they know?

Loyalty is everything we saw him grow.

So close yet so far, the hopes seem all dead,

Will they ever acknowledge the beauty of golden red.

The last dance they call it and the reason is known to all,

It's a farewell to the greatest era ever to have played football.

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