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#FridayNight_01 - Poetry

The crowded trains, in the push of their beliefs and body,

Disrupting my stability, which I’ve craved for all my eternity.

The constant push and pull in the Hog’s mob, trying to mud me down by pickle,

Lost believes in heart and soul Drowning in the quick sand.

The Knight in Shining Armour lent me a hand,

Behind the armour I see you, my Good Samaritan

The armour hid your bruises and burn

And even in your lost battle, you showed your Greatness

The “human” belief you restored in me

In this love, it isn’t about ‘take and give’

Let me see you in my light,

You hold my heart tight and Let me feel your naked bruises and burns.

Our steam gets wandered around in relief,

With Your soul resting down mine,

Our love – gave us another reason to live and shine.

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