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Escalation of Violence in Gaza Strip Raises Concerns and International Calls for Restraint


Tel Aviv, Israel – According to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, 70 persons were killed and an estimated 200 were injured in Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip on October 15th. Palestine further stated that these Palestinians were fleeing northern Gaza in accordance with Israel's orders. According to reports, 11 individuals were murdered in Israel's military action in Palestine's West Bank. In response to Israel's request, the Turkish government claimed, "It is impossible to evacuate Gaza within 24 hours." The edict issued by Israel is outrageous. In this subject, every country in the world should speak out against Israel. Ample time should be allowed to evacuate residents from northern Gaza'.

In other developments, the Israeli Army has disputed accusations that "Israeli forces used Phosphorus bombs during the operation in Gaza." It dismissed the study as unfounded and anti-Israel propaganda.

On October 13th, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Qatar. "Qatar should put pressure on Hamas to release the hostages," he stated. The Israeli government is making efforts to guarantee that civilians are not wounded during military operations in Gaza."

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