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Delhi University is not just an educational institution, but a movement: Modi

(image source- gettyimages)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the metro on Friday on his way to attend Delhi University's centenary celebrations. On this day Modi went to the counter and bought a ticket and sat in the metro. Even when the train was running, he was seen talking to his fellow passengers, chatting. Just like five other common passengers do. He was scheduled to attend Delhi University's centenary celebrations on Friday. Modi went there as scheduled. But not with his convoy of VVIP cars, Modi went to Delhi University by squeezing into the metro like ordinary commuters from Lok Kalyan Marg Metro Station.

Modi said, it is great to have the young generation as my fellow passengers. The Prime Minister got into the story with them. There he asked the same as Youngster, 'have you seen these reels? Have you seen that web series?' Modi said, 'There is an ocean of discussion among the youth.' Modi also asked them about Delhi's public transport system. Find out about the day-to-day experience of traveling by Metro Rail.

Later, attending the function, the Prime Minister said, Delhi University is not just a university but a movement.

Science guided the world. India had a large part. But 100 years of slavery destroyed its non-educational centers and stunted the country's progress. But now India is regaining the status of world guru. Modi said, our yoga, science, culture, festivals, literature, history, tradition, our food... everyone is talking about the world today. Today the world understands the value of Indian teachers. can turn Delhi University was established in 1922 under the Central Legislative Assembly Act. In 2022, its centenary celebrations began.

Modi laid the foundation stone of the academic block in the north campus built by the university. We use these opportunities to power. He also gave several messages around this educational institution from the event stage. He further said that India was at the peak of happiness and prosperity when universities like Nalanda were here.

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