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Dawshom Awbotaar - "A Film With No Finesse"

Source - bookmyshow

“DAWSHOM AWBOTAAR,” directed by Srijit Mukherjee, is an absolute disaster of a film. The story, or lack thereof, is a jumbled mess that leaves the audience perplexed and bored. It's not just below par; it's a cinematic travesty.

This film is nothing but a mishmash of easter eggs and extensions from its predecessor. It’s as if the director had no creative vision of his own and relied on the crutches of the previous installment. It’s evident that this movie is tailored for reelers, not genuine film enthusiasts. The so-called “target audience” for this film seems to be nothing but dumbed-down and idiotic viewers, as it offers no depth, intrigue, or substance in the storyline.

Despite marketing itself as a thriller, “DAWSHOM AWBOTAAR” fails miserably to create any suspense or engage its audience. Everything is spoon-fed to the viewers, leaving no room for imagination or genuine anticipation. Sreejit Mukherjee may have believed that the star-studded cast and the inclusion of modern Bengali music’s notable figures like Rupam Islam, Arijit Singh, and Anupam Roy would compensate for the glaring shortcomings on the screen. However, even their talents are wasted in this cinematic catastrophe.

The film's narrative structure is a complete mess, with scenes and storylines feeling disjointed and disconnected. It’s as if there are missing dots that should connect the elements of the story, making the film more coherent and enjoyable.

In light of these flaws, “DAWSHOM AWBOTAAR” deserves no more than a generous 5 out of 10. It’s an exemplar of how not to make a movie, a slap in the face of genuine cinema lovers, and a disgrace to the talents of its accomplished cast and crew.

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