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Counter Strike: Global Offensive turns 11

Image Source: Steam

Counter Strike Global Offensive, a 2012 title which was released for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 turns 11 years old today on 21th August 2023. Counter Strike has been an all-time favourite among the gaming community.

History of Counter Strike

Valve Corporation back in November 2000 released Counter Strike 1.0 and despite it being relatively simple was loved by the community. The paved the way for Counter Strike becoming one of the most preferred games for E Sports.

Counter Strike: Condition Zero developed by Turtle Rock Studios released in 2004 was a great addition to the lineup. CSCZ came with a unique feature where you can progress through missions (by winning round and getting kills with certain weapons) and get additional points to unlock better team mates (BOTs).

Counter Strike Source followed CSCZ and was basically a remake of Counter Strike 1.0 using the Source Game Engine.

21th August 2012 Counter Strike Global Offensive dropped and climbed quickly the ranks and likes of the gaming community so much so even after 11 years is a game with the highest active user base according to Steam Charts.

Image Source: Steam


The game is a simple First-Person Shooter game where you can choose to play as Terrorists and Counter Terrorists. Bots and real players both can join the game and either teams in casual and mostly all other modes. Whereas Competitive mode sports player vs player matches.

Image Credits: Forward Media House

Both Teams fight for an objective either to gain control over a bomb site and then protect it if you are a Counter Terrorist else try to destroy it with your C4 explosive if you are a terrorist. An alternate mode features rescuing the hostages from the terrorists and the terrorist try to maintain control over the hostages.

Image Credits: Forward Media House

The game has a rather advanced recoil system and also damage system which calculates the amount of damage dealt according to the point of impact. The Game even features and in game currency, you start with a specific some and earn some more per kill or round. Actions like killing teammates or injuring hostages results in a deduction. The currency can be used to purchased better weapons, armour and tactical epquitment.

Image Credits: Forward Media House

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