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Blood Donation Camp – Benachity Mahila Unnayan Samity (Durgapur)

Every year, on 1st October India celebrates National Voluntary Blood Donation Day. Moreover, this year marked the 34th Foundation Anniversary of West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donor’s Forum. To mark this auspicious day, a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp was organized by Benachity Mahila Unnayan Samity in association with Durgapur Sub Div. Voluntary Blood Donor’s Forum in their Durga Puja premises (J.K. Paul Lane, Benachity, Durgapur – 13). The arrangement and execution of the whole event was done under the noble initiative of Smt. Sutapa Samanta Nayak.

The event commenced with the unfurling of the organizational flag of West Bengal Voluntary Blood Donor’s Forum by its Deputy General Secretary, Mr. Kabi Ghosh at around 11 o’ clock in the morning. A speech was given on the benefits of blood donation to spread awareness among the masses. The inauguration of the camp was done by Smt. Anindita Mukherjee, Chairperson, Board of Administrator, Durgapur Municipal Corporation. The entire process of blood donation was carried out in a mobile blood donation van and was supported by a medical team of doctors and nurses. Arrangements was also made for a resting room in case anyone felt dizzy or sick after donating blood; which really proved fruitful. People from the locality became a part of this noble program by making their donations. The donors were provided with refreshments and were felicitated with a Certificate each. A total of 24 donations were made, including 4 female donors. The blood donated from the camp was given to the Blood Centre of Durgapur Sub-Divisional Hospital.

The members were privileged to have among them Smt. Rakhi Tewari, Member of Board of Administrator, DMC; Mr. Rajesh Palit, Secretary, Durgapur Sub Div. Voluntary Blood Donor’s Forum; Smt. Ashima Chakraborty, ex-Councillor; Smt. Shampa Dey from Khudiram Kishore Bahini; prominent social workers Mr. Pradip Kumar Sil, Mr. Ranjan Banerjee, Mr. Partha Pratim Kundu, Mr. Aurobindo Maji, Iti Basu Dutta and others at the camp site. The camp ended at around 1:30pm.

Located in a dusty, very little-known colony in one corner of Durgapur, Benachity Mahila Unnayan Samity has proved to be one of its kind among the other Durga Puja Committees of the city. This is because the entire Pujo is solely organized by the women since its inception. A small, but heartful, celebration of women power (Naari Shakti) by the women of the household is a rare show.

Forward Media Group congratulates Smt. Sutapa Samanta Nayak and all the members of Benachity Mahila Unnayan Samity for carrying forward this noble task. Serving the Humanity is what makes us different from others. We wish you Best of Luck in your future events.

Camp Site: Benachity Mahila Unnayan Samity

(J. K. Paul Lane, Benachity, Durgapur – 13)

Camp Date: 1st October 2022

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