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Birthday Trivia - Rashbehari Bose

Updated: May 29, 2022

Born on 25th May 1886 in Bengal’s Bardhaman district, Rash Behari Bose is the 'Lesser-known Bose' whose early life and contribution is little heard of. Losing his mother at a mere age of 3, Bose was brought up by his maternal aunt, Vama Sundari. Young Bose was deeply inspired by the anti-colonial ideology, making the Jugantar leaders - Amarendra Chatterjee & Jatin Mukherjee his early inspirations.

'The Master of Disguise' was actively involved in the Ghadar Mutiny (1915); He established the Indian Independence League in Japan which he later handed over to Subhas Chandra Bose. Most Interestingly, the Japanese still know him as a chef due to his famous “Bose Korma-Curry” prepared at Nakamuraya Bakery (1916) which still serve 6 billion annually. He married Toshiko Soma, not to get extradited to the British, and thus got further rooted to the Japanese soil. Mastermind behind the 'Hindu-German conspiracy' during World War I, he was also implicated in the Alipore Bomb Case (1908).

He, as a great judge of character, properly described the difference between Gandhi "person of yesterday" and Netaji "person of today". No doubt, this enigmatic persona was honoured by the Japanese government as 'Second Order of the Merit of the Rising Sun'. In 1959, his mortal remains were brought to India by his daughter, Tetsu Higuchi; Although, he passed away on January 21, 1945.

Forward Media Group pays tribute to Rash Behari Bose on his 136th Birth Anniversary

Write-up by: Kausani Saha

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