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Birthday Trivia - Bina Das

The very much undaunted girl of Bengal, born on 24 August 1911, has remained unsung, but never once did she give up. Belonging from a place with the sense of righteousness, Bina did justice. She was the younger of the two daughters of Beni Madhab Das who in turn happened to be the favourite teacher of Subhas Chandra Bose. Both the sisters, Kalyani and Bina, were involved in revolutionary activities.

She took up the responsibility to eliminate the then Governor of Bengal (1932) Stanley Jackson. She missed her shots and was tackled, but in response wasn't a weak mouth. Nine years of her life, she spent behind the bars, but this was only the beginning.

She started being active for Congress around the years 1941 - 1942 after she got released and participated in the Quit India Movement, causing her to be imprisoned again, till 1947. She was drawn towards socialist and communist standards, and believed that "Marxism" should be restored, when needed for the country.

Bina, in her lifetime, did a lot of social work and was awarded the "Padma Shri" in the year 1960. She spent a bleak life in her last years in Rishikesh and passed away around 1986, unnoticed, which is believed so.

Overall, she was an excellent activist, who gave her all for the cause of making her motherland free from the shackles of the British.

Write-up by: Manali Chakraborty

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